Traveling through India

Different perspective!!

Travelling took us to yet another place in India. This time we were traveling from Nashik to Mumbai airport. In Nashik, about 100 kilometers away from the metropolis of Mumbai, one can still see people with a quiet lifestyle. People clad in white dhoti kurta (dhotar pheta in Marathi, Google provided the name obviously) withContinue reading “Different perspective!!”

Rann of kutch

In Gujarat, driving through the Greater Rann of Kutch, towards Khadir islands. The road is flanked by salt crusted mud flats on both sides. It was once a swallow and the delta region of the most famed vedic river “Saraswati”. The Khadir island in the Rann of Kutch once housed the ancient city of Dholavira,Continue reading “Rann of kutch”